Tuesday, February 2, 2010


exhausting for the first days already.
but fully worth it.
we're seeing some real community developing,
people opening up and experiencing genuine freedom.
things are moving
because God is on the move
[or as jenn might say, "aslan is on the move."]
i've found that my most common prayer these days is
"God, make yourself bigger than everything else in my life."
and i've been seeing Him do it.
i have told Him that i will do whatever it takes to be obedient to Him
[because like the song says, "its only in Your will that i am free"]
and because i'm learning to look to Him in all things,
i am seeing Him answer my prayers,
even the little ones.
and i'm seeing Him answer quickly.
as you can imagine, i really like it
and i think this is how life was intended to be.
everything is about Him
all the time
and He responds
all the time
because when we draw near
so does He