Tuesday, July 30, 2013


rick warren, after his son's suicide:

"for 27 years, i prayed every day...for God to heal my son's mental illness. it just didn't make sense why this prayer was not being answered. but i would rather walk with God and have my questions unanswered than to have all my questions answered and not walk with God."

and praise God that this was aired on national television..

pray for healing; comfort; and continued, steadfast faith for the warren family and the saddleback community.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Saturday, July 13, 2013


...is incredibly malleable. it is selflessly willing take on plenty of forms.
and this week it looked like this...


Wednesday, July 3, 2013


"God is gracious"
(a combination of al and lynn - in honor of the grandpas)
"little rock"
round-faced, tiny baby boy.
6lbs. 5oz. to be exact.
a little rock -
steadfast and assured
that your God is indeed gracious.
you have plenty to teach us.
my prayer for you is that you'll grow up to be the kind of man that people talk about,
as one of deep integrity,
that your private life and your public life are in unity like the reflection in a mirror and its source,
the kind of man for whose time and approval other men secretly hope,
as young men humbly ask for 30 minute pockets of your time
as young women secretly watch the way that you treat your friends, wife, children,
and they make note of the kind of man to whom they should give their time.
i pray that you'll be the kind of man who treats those around him with all value and honor,
compassion, gentleness,
that you would be bold and firm and confident
because your life is hidden in Christ
and that you would know Him early and increasingly
seeing that all of your hope and joy depend fully on Him and His grace toward you.
i pray that you would bring peace and a offer a servant's heart to those around you (like your daddy)
and humility, patience, and compassion (like your mommy)
and ridiculous light-heartedness and joy (like your daddy + mommy together).
i pray that you are a blessing to your parents' marriage,
a protector of your brothers/sisters that we'll meet later, a friend to your cousins,
and a gift to your future communities.
we love you, our first dykstra baby, our newest little one.
i can't wait to see what God has planned for you.

(and i still can't believe you're a boy.)