Saturday, October 31, 2009


As the weather gets colder and wetter, we seem to have more visitors to our prayer room in the morning and at night (when we're there praying)
Our Dave has been frequenting and just the other morning our friend Dennis joined us.
And the great thing is that a fresh spirit of unity joins as they enter.
The focus of our prayer becomes clear
and we have had the opportunity to speak value and hope over people who have never known it
and belonging and love to people who have felt alone for decades,
as they walk the streets of Grand Rapids and as they sleep under bridges,
as they collect cans like I saw Dave collecting from the trash cans around Grand Valley on Thursday night.
If people learn nothing else from us but that Jesus looks like acceptance and hope and freedom, then I could spend the next 10 years here.
Or maybe I'll love and continue learning to love people somewhere else.
We'll see.

Friday, October 23, 2009


24/7 wrapped up tonight
and 45 minutes before closing prayer began,
my front driver's side tire made an impressive attempt to leap from the place where i very much prefer that it stay.
so there my four precious wheels wait until tomorrow when someone will likely move them all to a shop for a little work
and it is the sweet little surprises that remind me just how well He takes care of me
when Johnny is so willing and available to help
and my schedule just so happens to be completely empty this weekend
and then i think about worrying
and then i think again
because it has never helped before
and He has never been unfaithful before
and its a real treat to be able to rest,
even and especially in times like these


another week of 24/7 prayer wrapped up tonight
and it is always bittersweet to see it end
bitter because it is so exciting the faithful and the new friends come down to our little place, settle for an hour or so into the prayer room
and then later to hear the stories of how God revealed himself
and sweet because we can settle back into our rhythm of morning prayer
and an even earlier morning alarm
(which i have come to love and anticipate)
but now we wait for the harvest that He has promised...

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Or is it spelled Hytte?...

Let me just explain
real quick
it was one of the best 24-hour periods that i have had.
by myself, which i love
a couple good books,
a journal,
lots of questions
and answers (or direction)
and rest.