Tuesday, September 23, 2014


when you're skating through life
with very few concerns
nothing keeping you up at night
not even a newborn baby down the hall
there are those things that you think that you have a little bit of control over
and for that reason
who is rich in mercy,
because of His great love for you,
starts to draw the reins back
out of your control
and you are left
assessing what in your life really has value -
that stable job
that promising relationship
the ability to walk, run, with no pain
that car that has had literally no problems since you bought it
the well-being of your family
the security of your living situation
school and classes and dreams
and He
draws your attention to all of it
and He says no
these things
have no say in determining your worth and purpose and hope
and you will recognize this
or later
and He'll do it
because of His great love for you
and because He is rich in mercy