Saturday, September 5, 2015


lindsey made me do it
she made me run
that's what i keep telling people
and myself
because if i'm doing it for someone else i can tolerate it
i hate running
and my last memory prior to this summer
was running the warrior dash with all of my brother and sisters (that part was actually quite wonderful)
but with some sort of respiratory ailment
one that almost killed me at the first water obstacle
when i didn't realize that the far side of that first barrel was bottomless lake
i was all the way under
and came up terrified
just barely grabbing enough air to keep me going to the sand
and 2 more miles of squishy tennis shoes
complete with climbing and crawling obstacles
then the finish line
where kristi and i looked at eachother and agreed -
i hate running. i'm never doing it again.
but then lindsey made me do it
and i got the app
and i started [at least] trying
but before i knew it
i kind of liked it
the rush of meeting the next goal,
seeing the progress,
working toward something that i'll share with a small group of friends
friends who are as much family as friends
so i keep trying and improving
[except for today - i definitely walked some today]
and i'm able to say that i'm loving running
if we're getting technical though
i'm loving the first mile and the completely expended feeling when the 3+ miles are passed
those other miles in between are a blur - a miserable blur
diluted by matt chandler and andy grammer and iin lectures, thankfully
but the end result always seeps satisfaction and victory and pride
and i'm glad that
lindsey made me do it.

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